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The Sleep Tree - Why Tree?

Why tree? For it’s branches to represent the holistic nature of the work we do, each branch signifying every element of your baby’s day to day life. Growth, nutrition and sleep environment are just part of the puzzle. There is an interconnectedness between all facets and when all the parts are whole, the puzzle comes together, and babies sleep better and thrive.

Why tree? For it’s canopy that envelops you with a nurturing embrace. It represents your village – the care, knowledge and support we bring, provides you with inner strength and self-awareness as a parent, because we all grow through change. We aim to give you the skills and knowledge that help build your strong roots, so you can be better rested to enjoy your child with more wonder and appreciation than ever before.

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Gentle approach

Our gentle and responsive techniques allow you to support your little one on their sleep journey without the need for 'cry it out'.


Evidence-based care

All our advice is based on up-to-date paediatric and neuroscientific sleep research. This is the gold standard, which means only the best care for you and your children.


Internationally recognised qualifications

Global competence allows us to connect with you and your family, wherever you are in the world. We recognise and respect your beliefs, values and parenting practices.


5 star reviews

We pride ourselves on effective sleep solutions and exceptional customer support. You know your child best, and we know sleep best. Working together, we create magic!


Personalised support

We work with you, so you can achieve your chosen goals without compromising your parenting style. Our comprehensive, tailored support means you can progress as quickly or as slowly as you'd like with the method of your choice.


Recognising attachment

We recognise that a secure attachment in early childhood is important for adequate social and emotional growth, and healthy relationships. We encourage babies to feel safe and supported during both settling and sleep.

Meet Sylvia

Infant & Child Sleep Consultant

Hi! My name is Sylvia Crighton and I am a gentle baby sleep coach and educator, a Registered Nurse and Midwife, a military wife, and Mum to two young boys, Zayden (5yo) and Jaxon (2yo) – with a bubba on the way!

I’ve cared for infants, children and adults for almost two decades and have delivered hundreds of babies. I’ve been sleep deprived from shift work and my own babies’ sleep struggles.

Zay (in hindsight) was an easy baby, but I’d never heard of awake windows or sleep regressions. So, his sleep was all over the shop… I tried following his lead, but sometimes he’d sleep for short intervals, other times, long ones. Nights were always broken and every time his monitor went off, I’d hold my breath, hoping he was just stirring and would go back to sleep. We breastfed, rocked, sang, walked around the house, ditched the dummy; we tried everything to help our little man sleep. Hubby and I spent months taking turns co-sleeping in separate rooms. Gosh, this was just not sustainable. I was shattered and I missed my husband!

It was hubby’s idea to give 15-month-old Zay, the big, soft, cuddly bear that he’d gotten for me whilst we were dating. Zay bonded with the bear and soon started sleeping through some of the time. It would be another three months before we were all getting a good night’s sleep consistently. It was a natural progression, but I wish I’d have known what I know now, so that it could have been much easier for us, much sooner.

Jax is my spirited child. When he was a newborn, I always had to be in his line of sight. As he got older, I couldn’t leave his side without him crying. He hated being in the pram and car… there was a lot of stress that surrounded us when going out, and I could only breathe when I had him calm in the baby carrier – but paired with contact napping and co-sleeping at night, I was very touched out. Having a toddler made it harder too.

I started studying baby sleep in his early months and implemented my new-found knowledge. It is pretty magical seeing the theory behind the science of baby sleep come to light in your own family. We were amazed – wow, this really works! It was life-changing for all of us. I love bedtime routine, popping bub down after cuddles and kisses and saying night night – and walking out the door to enjoy the evening with hubby. That is our time to recharge and reconnect.

Why should relationships suffer through sleep deprivation and mamas lose their spark? Not many people realise that it actually doesn’t have to be this way. When my passion for baby sleep and helping people collided, The Sleep Tree was born.

Let us be a part of your village. Let us help bring you the joy and wonder back into parenthood and restful sleep into your lives. Let us help your children flourish in their early childhood, and set them up for great success now, and in the future.

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